At my peak weight, I weighed over 280 pounds.Currently I am between 195-200 pounds. My overall weight plateau fluctuated between 245-260.

I finally saw a dramatic weight loss when I replaced “white” foods with whole wheat and grain foods. I completely cut sugar. I would use at least 4 teaspoons in my coffee, now I drink it black. I went from white enriched bread to whole wheat. White rice to brown rice. White potatoes to sweet and purple potatoes. White pasta to whole wheat pasta.

Unlike some, I don’t have gluten issues and the change was totally beneficial healthwise for me. ‘Whites’ have no nutrient value whereas the whole grains fiber and are more filling and loaded with nutrients.

These foods also give more energy and are more filling. Along with fruits and vegetables, greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, etc., I find my food actually helps me lose weight. Add exercise, and I am a powerhouse of calorie burning fat.

I workout at the gym about 3 days a week On my job, I do a lot of walking. I can easily get over 10000 steps a day according to my pedometer. I live on the 15th floor and often walk up a flight of 150 stairs, often doubling up on stair climbing.

I also take a good weight loss supplement, such as Instant Knockout. Do your research on which supplements work best. A good review website like the one I found will be a big help, it’s where I read an IKO review before I decided to try it.

I suggest joining local health fanatic groups in your area or on the internet. I found a way to socialize and exercise at my local Fitocracy is a good internet resource.

Once you eat the proper foods, you will find that the energy to exercise will follow. The important thing is to go from a body at rest to a body in motion. Start moving and changing. The results will shock you as your lifestyle changes and your energy level will soar.