Vegetarian Thanksgiving

A turducken is a chicken inside a duck inside a turkey. Someday maybe I’ll try this dish, whose name isn’t very appetizing. Since I live a healthy lifestyle, for the most part, I don’t overdo the meal or eat until I’m stuffed. This might be a topic on another blog.

With Thanksgiving among us, some people try to accomodate their vegetarian friends, guest or family. Tofurkey didn’t seem to catch on but is still around as are many meat substitutes.

So now an omnivore creates the Veggieducken. It’s a meatless dish of yams inside leeks inside a banana squash.

If it works for you, it should be something to give thanks for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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Step by Step Weight Loss for Men

At my peak weight, I weighed over 280 pounds.Currently I am between 195-200 pounds. My overall weight plateau fluctuated between 245-260.

I finally saw a dramatic weight loss when I replaced “white” foods with whole wheat and grain foods. I completely cut sugar. I would use at least 4 teaspoons in my coffee, now I drink it black. I went from white enriched bread to whole wheat. White rice to brown rice. White potatoes to sweet and purple potatoes. White pasta to whole wheat pasta.

Unlike some, I don’t have gluten issues and the change was totally beneficial healthwise for me. ‘Whites’ have no nutrient value whereas the whole grains fiber and are more filling and loaded with nutrients.

These foods also give more energy and are more filling. Along with fruits and vegetables, greens, legumes, nuts, seeds, etc., I find my food actually helps me lose weight. Add exercise, and I am a powerhouse of calorie burning fat.

I workout at the gym about 3 days a week On my job, I do a lot of walking. I can easily get over 10000 steps a day according to my pedometer. I live on the 15th floor and often walk up a flight of 150 stairs, often doubling up on stair climbing.

I also take a good weight loss supplement, such as Instant Knockout. Do your research on which supplements work best. A good review website like the one I found will be a big help, it’s where I read an IKO review before I decided to try it.

I suggest joining local health fanatic groups in your area or on the internet. I found a way to socialize and exercise at my local Fitocracy is a good internet resource.

Once you eat the proper foods, you will find that the energy to exercise will follow. The important thing is to go from a body at rest to a body in motion. Start moving and changing. The results will shock you as your lifestyle changes and your energy level will soar.

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The Facts On Speedy Plans For Men’s health Issues

3534Over the years, it seemed as if nothing was wrong with men as health issues with women became the focus of everyone’s concern. One positive fact though is that most men are very much focused on changing their lifestyle as they are aware of the high possibility of encountering health concerns along the way. Many are unaware that men are also prone to a good number of health issues just like women, which are equally as dangerous and high risk.

dThe problem is, men are not use to having themselves checked by doctors that these problems are already in a higher level of risk which shouldn’t have been that way. Whether you are a man or a woman, you should prioritize your health at all times, especially if there are people depending on you. Cancer is causing all women to go paranoid on some lumps they feel in their body but it is actually a good reason to go to the doctor to have it examined.

Men on the other hand, can also make use of the symptoms given by the body when some prostate issues are starting to emerge. When you start to urinate more than the usual at night, you should notice this because you can really keep track of them number of times you go to the bathroom.Prostate_cancer_3038094b

You will also feel burning sensations or pain when you urinate and you are starting to have decreased flow of urine. There are other symptoms that you should be on the lookout but the best thing you should do is run to the nearest doctor you know. It is also of your best interest to change your eating habits into a healthier one to ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs to battle all kinds of sickness.

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Standards For Significant Details In Men’s Healthy Lifestyle

xgreyIt is a known fact that if you are not taking care of your body, you are going to end up putting yourself at risk. If you are a man and you have your family to take care of, you should prioritize your health and change your unhealthy lifestyle. Nutrition is one aspect you should take a look at to keep yourself fit. It does not mean that if you eat only vegetables and fruits that you are assured to be healthy. A healthy man eats a balanced meal, keeps a healthy lifestyle by doing regular exercise and avoids vices and other unhealthy activities.

awrwqIt is no longer a little known fact that men, just like women, have health problems that is alarmingly increasing. One is heart disease, especially for men between 45 years old to 54 years. One cause is excessive weight. Without regular exercise, you are bound to get weight increase. It can also be the cause of high blood pressure which is considered as the silent killer. It slowly damages the arteries in your body.

The food that you eat greatly contributes to your health and you should always be careful with what you put inside your body. Seeing a doctor is best for you to find out if you are prone to these types of ailments. You can also be provided with great suggestions which can improve your health. Another positive thing you can get in meeting with a professional is their ability to recommend reliable health supplements which can enhance your current state.we

Should you be diagnosed with any of these ailments, you can be sure they can give you the right medication to resolve the problem. You should be open to lifestyle change because your treatment will not be of any help if you continue to poison your body with your old ways.

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